Initial Target Product Profile & Market Opportunity

Target product profile and opportunity

Initial market opportunity

  • DNA alkylating/binding agents characterized by dose-limiting toxicities are widely used in the target cancers, suggesting that a drug with a substantially wider therapeutic window would be a major advance
  • Robust CT-262 preclinical data suggest CT-262 will be efficacious in the target cancers
  • Blood brain barrier studies with CT-262 are being planned to evaluate the utility in treating glioblastoma
  • ​DNA alkylating agents widely used in the treatment of glioblastoma
  • Large unmet need continues to exist in the target cancers, suggesting the potential for both accelerated regulatory approval and rapid adoption by clinicians
  • Primary differentiation: Potential wide therapeutic window and highly efficacious

Follow-on market opportunity

  • Potential first-line therapy in multiple cancer indications


  • Primary differentiation: Potential ability to add to existing treatment regimens, increasing efficacy without meaningfully increasing toxicity